ANSI A92.22 – Understanding the new Lift Standards and Training Requirements webinar

Join Eric Stalmon, VP of Safety and Training for the Marr Companies as he breaks down the new ANSI A92.22 lift standards including updates on the latest training, machine designs, and best practices for operation.

The new ANSI Standards are effective March, 2020 are you ready?

ANSI standards released in late 2018 which were originally to become effective on December 10, 2019 will now be delayed until March 1, 2020.

The changes include renaming Aerial Work Platforms (AWPs) to Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs). Rather than being classified by the equipment type, machines are now broken up by Groups, then sub-divided into Types.

In addition, the new standards place greater responsibility on the equipment user regardless of whether they are a large maintenance operation or a small business that rents a scissor lift, boom lift, etc.

ANSI Standard A92.22 requires all MEWP users to develop a risk assessment and site safety plan, which must be shared with everyone on the work site. ANSI Standard A92.94 now requires training for occupants and supervisors of aerial equipment.

The requirements do not have the force of law as enforced by OSHA, but do present a liability issue for contractors who choose not to follow the most up to date safety standards.

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Webinar – Guide to Building Trades Recovery Week

Join the staff of the Building Trades Employers’ Association (BTEA) as they provide a general overview of the Building Trades Recovery Week.

Associate Executive Director John Ferrante will discuss the ongoing issues with substance abuse including the opioid epidemic and it’s impact on the construction industry. Director of Labor Relations Thomas S. Gunning will provide a basic rundown of the week’s agenda highlighting the various educational opportunities and programs being provided by the BTEA and various sponsors.

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Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave Explained webinar

This seminar will educate union construction contractors on everything they need to know regarding the new Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave Law. With a final draft of regulations expected this week, BTEA Associate Executive Director John Ferrante and attorney Jim Grosso of O’Reilly, Grosso, Gross, and Jones will present information on the types of leave, eligibility requirements, funding sources, and aspects unique to the union construction industry.

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Non-Compete Reform in Massachusetts: What Employers Need to Know Right Now webinar

Fisher Phillips









Massachusetts employers face a new legal landscape for non-compete agreements after Governor Baker signed legislation creating the new law on August 10 and it became effective in October 2018. Please join the BTEA for an informative webinar as Cheryl Pinarchick and Joshua Nadreau of Fisher Phillips LLP conduct a deep dive into the new law and what it means for employers with employees living or working in the Commonwealth.

Our speakers will analyze the new law, provide insight on strategies that employers can use to protect their businesses and address concerns about the future of non-compete agreements within Massachusetts. This program will be of interest to in-house counsel, business owners and senior executives who utilize these agreements to protect their business interests.

Cheryl Pinarchick is a partner in the Boston office of Fisher Phillips LLP. She represents employers in all areas of employment law.  Cheryl counsels employers on compliance with the law in areas such as pay equity, employment discrimination, wrongful termination, reductions in force, FMLA and leave laws, sexual harassment, and wage & hour matters, including issues related to employee classification. Cheryl also assists employers in their liability prevention efforts by conducting employee training, preparing handbooks and implementing policies, as well as conducting wage and hour and pay equity audits.

Joshua Nadreau is a labor and employment litigation attorney in the Boston office of Fisher Phillips LLP.  Working with clients in New England, Josh routinely advises and represents clients in collective bargaining, arbitration proceedings, and before state and federal administrative agencies. His litigation practice focuses on class and collective wage and hour litigation. Josh also advises clients on compliance with state and federal leave laws, restrictive covenants, and matters concerning allegations of employment discrimination.

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Sexual Harassment and Bullying in the #MeToo Era

Fisher Phillips  

In the wake of many recent high-profile sexual harassment claims, it is a certainty that your employees and their attorneys, as well as the Government and the press, will be re-focusing their attention on these important issues. Harassment, as well as bullying, can quickly go viral and cause devastating results both inside and outside of the workplace. Knowing where the line exists for illegal harassment and bullying, what to do when faced with “he said/she said allegations,” and how to promptly and effectively respond to these allegations, are just some of the challenges facing employers in this day of heightened scrutiny. This presentation will explore recent developments in the areas of harassment and bullying in the workplace and will discuss practical issues and solutions aimed at keeping your company out of the courts and out of the news.

Monica Snyder, an associate in the Boston office of Fisher Phillips, represents management on a variety of employment matters in state and federal court and before administrative agencies. Monica has defended employers against discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination suits under both federal and state laws. Monica also assists employers in their liability prevention efforts by conducting employee training, preparing handbooks and implementing policies, as well as conducting pay equity audits. Monica regularly speaks on issues involving sexual harassment, including the #metoo movement.

Join the BTEA and Monica Snyder of Fisher Phillips LLP to learn about how business owners and HR departments should protect themselves in the age of digitally reported harassment and bullying.  This webinar will layout the policies and procedures required by employers to ensure that their employees are not exposed to a hostile work environment and that issues are dealt with promptly.

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Top 10 Employment Mistakes Made By Contractors Webinar

Join us as Philip Siegel, a partner with Atlanta-based Hendrick, Phillips, Salzman & Siegel shares the top employment law mistakes made by contractors.

Webinar participants will learn steps to take to minimize potential liability for employment law matters; how to ensure a former employee is prohibited from bringing claims against the company; and how to avoid other common traps in the employment law arena.

Siegel will address several issues, including:
• Proper classification of independent contractors
• Severance pay
• Disciplinary action documentation
• The importance of having written job descriptions
• The importance of having a discrimination and harassment policy
• Common wage-and-hour classification mistakes (e.g., travel pay)

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High Times: Navigating the Pitfalls of Marijuana Use and Post-Accident Drug Testing Webinar

Philip Siegel of Hendrick, Phillips, Salzman & Siegel

Please register for High Times: Navigating the Pitfalls of Marijuana Use and Post-Accident Drug Testing on Feb 8, 2018 1:00 PM EST at:

Mr. Siegel will provide a broad overview of the various medical marijuana use laws around the country. He will discuss the various protections that such medical marijuana use laws may provide to employees, and he will provide a roadmap on how to navigate through the difficult issues which arise with an employee using medical marijuana.

Mr. Siegel will discuss what an employer can and cannot do without running afoul of the Americans with Disability Act or state disability discrimination laws when it learns an employee is a registered medical marijuana user.

Lastly, he will spend some time discussing how some post-accident drug testing policies may be in violation of OSHA’s anti-retaliation rule, which went into effect last year.

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WHY AND HOW: Recruiting and Retaining Women in Construction

BTEA is proud to offer a presentation from Susan Moir of Policy Group on Tradeswomen’s Issues (PGTI).  A nationally recognized leader in the best practices of gender diversity in the union building trades, Susan offers a business case for increased gender diversity in construction.

Join us for this impactful presentation on a timely and sometimes controversial subject!

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Advice for Managing an OSHA Inspection Webinar

Attorney Jim Laboe will present on how companies can prepare for and manage an OSHA inspection or violation.  Owners of Contributing Companies and their Senior Management Staff are encouraged to attend.

2015 OSHA Inspection Advice
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