Project Management Seminar

A Program Designed to Improve Your Projects Profitability.  

Project Management is designed to help the contractor and their production teams take charge of projects and determine the most profitable way to proceed. This program will help attendees understand the importance of establishing communication protocols, along with all the documentation needs and standards. This program will cover the importance of knowing what you own and how it will/can impact the job. You will take a unique look at how improving communication and team work between design, estimating, project management and production can and will improve profitability. This is a “hands” on program which will get the juices flowing and is applicable to anyone who is involved and has an impact of the projects profitability.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • The importance of preplanning and being prepared,
  • the seven deadly sins of a bad job,
  • identify the “rules” of the job,
  • 47 items you and your production team need before the job commences,
  • how to communicate with all parties,
  • how to have a good productive conversation,
  • why jobs make and lose money and what to do about it,
  • how to ensure that everyone in the kick-off meeting is prepared,
  • what determines the success of the job,
  • how will we measure job success, using your kick-off meetings to hold the field,
  • project management,
  • and estimating team accountable and to get production rate buy-in.


Due to overwhelming demand, please contact the Association Office at 781-849-3220 to join the wait list.

Thank you for your participation!


Construction Technology Seminar

Exploring the Five Job Site Workflows & the Place of Mobile + Future Construction Technology

Rob McKinney (the Construction App Guru) of JBKnowledge, a premier construction technology consulting firm, will lead the presentation covering the following:



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Construction Technology Seminar

Comparing Project Delivery Methods

As many contractors are aware, project delivery methods have been changing. The traditional Design Bid Build (DBB) has been criticized for slowing down project schedules and hurting communication between the planners and the boots on the ground.

Two other project delivery methodologies are becoming increasingly popular on both private and public projects. Design Build (DB) and Construction Manager at Risk (CM@R) both seek to accelerate project schedules and allow for greater control of the project by the contractors who are completing the work.

Design Build is different from DBB. It allows a single entity to manage both the planning and execution of a project. Often, the design does not even need to be completed before beginning work. The advantage to owners is an accelerated timeline and fixed price. The pitfalls of DB are that very few contractors are able to manage it reducing competition and potential issues with change orders and conflicts of interest.

CM@R is a hybrid of DB and DBB. Instead of completely entrusting all responsibility to a single contracting entity, owners maintain some control of design. With basic designs, owners receive bids on the maximum price from competing construction managers. The winning bidder is responsible for ensuring construction costs do not exceed that amount. The advantages to owners are similar to DB, a faster schedule and fixed costs, but many of the risks of DB are also avoided because owners have slightly more control of the design and the CM can better represent the interest of owners.


CM@R is being used on more and more projects, while advocates of responsible DB have also begun to explore additional implementation of that project delivery method. Contractors have to be aware of the benefit and limitations to both methods so that they can understand the nature of the project.