Lean Construction Jobsite Practices

Join Tom Richert, Principal of LeanProject for an seminar on how to best implement lean construction. This is the second of two lean workshops held by the BTEA and Tom Richert. This seminar is intended for project managers and operations staff who are interested in how to better implement lean principles into practice.

This workshop introduces several common lean practices trade contractors can apply on projects, regardless of whether the general contractor is using lean. These practices include the Last Planner® System, 5S organization, visual management, and balanced workflow planning.

These practices have been demonstrated to increase productivity and reduce the level of unplanned work and resulting risk. The day provides an awareness of how work is planned has a dramatic impact on the level of productivity in the field.

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Leveraging Lean Construction as a Competitive Strategy Workshop

Join Tom Richert, Principal of LeanProject for an introductory seminar on how to best utilize lean construction as a competitive advantage. This is the first of two lean workshops held by the BTEA and Tom Richert. This seminar is intended for senior managers and owners who are interested in better understanding lean construction.

This workshop addresses how lean management practices create financial benefits through streamlining of work processes, increases in profit velocity, and deeper engagement on the part of employees. It includes a mix of interactive simulations and facilitated discussions so participants can understand the business and human benefits of adopting a lean work ethic.
The day demonstrates how companies undertaking a shift toward lean experience greater productivity while creating a challenging and rewarding work environment.

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Alpha Dog Workshop w/ Mark Breslin

Mark Breslin is an author, speaker, CEO and influencer at the highest levels of business in North America. He has spent decades advising CEOs and senior leaders in business, government, labor and nonprofit arenas.  Influencing groups from 50 to 5,000 at a time, Mark drives home the lessons needed for positive change that create profound results in the workplace.

Based on his book Alpha Dog: Leading Managing and Motivating in the Construction Industry this leadership-training program provides concrete lessons for construction professionals who want to improve team and individual performance.

The training program is designed to make an immediate impact with those involved in field operations. The curriculum touches on all leadership levels, provides a strategic look at the “homegrown nature” of leadership development. It includes specific recommendations on how to build a new leadership culture in a company or organization of any size. Former participants include project managers, project engineers, foremen, superintendents and other managers.

Lesson plans include the following:

  • Alpha leadership skills and characteristics
  • Examine and challenge your mindset as leader
  • Improve communication strategy and practices
  • Ways to encourage positive change with your team
  • How to use influence to enhance performance
  • How to better motivate others
  • How to make better, faster and smarter decisions
  • How to delegate for best results
  • How to be or find a mentor
  • And much more!

The Alpha Leadership workshop is based on real-world experiences, life changing and powerful in its relevance for construction professionals to adopt new leadership methods and behaviors.

The training program’s curriculum includes a useful Action Plan on how leaders can tackle these challenges immediately head on, and leverage them into higher team and individual performance.

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The Real Cost of Change Orders

This program is a must for Project Managers who deal with change orders.  This workshop walks all attendees through the life of a change order.  From what is a change and types of changes, to calculating non-direct costs using fill-in-the-blank worksheets (available only from this workshop) to presenting mock change orders calculated in class to a professional Disputes Review Board (DRB).  Following the presentations, the DRB presents their counter-offers to each presenting group and gives them feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of each.

PresentersTroy Aichele, Aichele & Associates, LLC, David Ashcraft, Advantage Learning Systems, Inc.


Attendees of this program will learn: 

1) Describe different types of changes and the impact costs associated with them.

2) Use specific tools to price, analyze and document change order impact pricing.

3) Demonstrate understanding of the vocabulary associated with complex change orders.

4) Present a cumulative impact change order based on a case study scenario.

5) Improve effectiveness at selling change order entitlement and impact costs.


Who should attend?  This seminar will benefit Project Managers with at least 3-4 years of experience who price and sell change orders.


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Technology and Transparency – The Future of Construction Seminar

Join the BTEA and Maxim Consulting for a seminar identifying the tools and technology needed to best position your organization for a successful future. During this session, we will discuss why these tools are critical to future profitability as well as examples of ERP systems, project management software, production tracking solutions, and purchasing solutions.

Additionally, we will show examples of the reports and metrics necessary to provide transparency on performance so that challenges can be identified early enough to effect a change to minimize financial losses and maximize margin gains.

The why. We will:

  • Discuss what is driving this need to change
  • Explore the value of what this information provides
  • Define the levels of the organization that benefit from this change

The how. We will:

  • Evaluate what type of core ERP is needed
  • Discuss software implementation strategies
  • Compare integrated vs. stand-alone project management solutions
  • Define what production tracking methods are preferred
  • Learn to maximize purchasing power and negotiate favorable terms
  • Review reports and dashboards based on the needs of the user
Technology and Transparency

Leadership for Managers Seminar w/ FMI

This program is being held in collaboration with other union employer associations. For this full day workshop, companies are encouraged to send anyone that is currently in a leadership position and is trying to improve their ability to provide purpose, direction and motivation from foremen to executives.

As managers, our role is to plan, lead, organize and control, yet leadership tends to be one of the least developed skill sets in the industry. This intensive one-day program focuses on understanding what it takes to lead from the perspective of the individual leader, the people they lead and the organization. This is a capstone course of our three-part series with FMI including Organizational Excellence in March and Project Excellence in May. It is designed to complement both those courses.


The Leader

  • Leader development process
  • Perceptions and biases
  • Decision Making


The Lead

  • Motivation
  • Power and Influence
  • Team Dynamics and Cohesion
  • Conflict Management
  • Counseling/Feedback


The Organization

  • Organizational Culture
  • Organizational Change
  • Socialization


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Effective Preconstruction Planning Webinar

The Building Trades Employers Association (BTEA) and Massachusetts Construction Advancement Program (MCAP) are proud to host this webinar with Stephane McShane of Maxim Consulting. Stephane will walk through the best practices of managing the preconstruction planning process. In this webinar, attendee will learn about everything they need to do in order to increase their chances of a successful project.

Prejob Planning Concepts include:
• Estimating Turnover Meeting
• Estimating Budget
• Planning Meeting
• Change Order Zero
• Operating Budget

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Project Excellence

This program is being held in collaboration with other union employer associations. For this full day workshop, companies are encouraged to send key field leaders and project managers who are leading project teams and have responsibility for project results.

This intensive one-day program focuses on understanding what it takes to achieve project excellence through understanding, implementing and leading best practices at the project and field leader level. For senior managers who took our Organizational Excellence course in March, this is a complementary course for project managers and field leaders to ensure they are on the same page.


It Starts with US

  • Define a “good” project manager // “good” field supervisor // “good” project team
  • Identify the keys to leading well
  • Time management and Teamwork
  • Ethics and integrity in PM
  • Customer-focused construction

The Economics of Productivity

  • Examine the factors that prevent us from being wholly productive
  • Understand the impact of productivity on the bottom-line
  • Understand how construction companies “keep score”

Best Practices that Drive Productivity

  • Explain the benefits of identifying and using standard procedures derived from best practices
  • Understand FMI’s Productivity Builder Best Practices
  • Communicate standard procedures to project teams

Critical Implementation

  • Establish a team culture in which best practices are embraced and leveraged
  • The 10-steps to success
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Bullet Foreman Seminar

Kindly be advised that the Building Trades Employers’ Association (BTEA) and Massachusetts Construction Advancement Program (MCAP) will be holding an educational seminar to be held on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at the Quincy Marriott, Quincy, MA from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.  Guest speaker Kevin Dougherty will be discussing “The Bullet Foreman”.

Do you always feel you can’t get caught up?  Does it ever seem like there is just more to do than you can get done?  This One Day Program will change how you manage your day.

In today’s world, most of us are asked to get more done in less time. This program will help you develop the basic personal and organizational skills to enhance your productivity. The Bullet Foreman demonstrates the need to clearly understand leadership priorities and the ways to implement them, offering insights to supervisors, owners, managers, key employees, or anyone interested in personal and organizational productivity.

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Managing Project Resources and Customer Relationships Seminar

Kindly be advised that the MCAP and the BTEA will be hosting a seminar with Maxim Consulting Group entitled “Managing Project Resources and Customer Relationships”.

This half day seminar will discuss the management side of knowing the status and controlling the various resources needed for a successful projects. It will focus on the systems,  metrics, and reporting tools that are important success factors in great project management. The seminar will also highlight the importance of great customer service in the construction industry and teach managers how to navigate customer dissatisfaction when it occurs.

This course will be led by Stephane McShane, a director at Maxim Consulting responsible for working with contractors to evaluate their business practices and management challenges. Stephane is an electrician by trade who worked her way through the field and into management at a successful contracting firm.

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Project Resources Seminar