Vermont jump starts Home Battery Marketplace

With apprehension about a potential energy shortage in the Northeast or the chance of dramatically rising energy costs, Vermont is betting on a new technology to help bridge the gaps.

Tesla home batteries cost about $6,500 for the hardware and the same or less for installation. It is typically hooked up to a solar panel or small wind turbine and can store about 6 hours of power for the average home. Vermont’s utility company Green Mountain Power is seeking to spur early adoption. The company purchased 500 Tesla batteries and is leasing them to customers. The arrangement allows the power company to draw from the Tesla batteries in exchange for providing a payment plan and small discount to customers who have them.

Tesla Home Battery

In an update to this story, IBEW Local #300 has announced that Green Mountain Power is signatory to their contract and has begun training its members on the installation of the Tesla Home Battery.

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